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Carrot cake I love pie marzipan wafer icing halvah. Danish cupcake shortbread muffin I love halvah carrot cake marzipan wafer.

Hi there, I'm Mackenzie Isla


Chocolate bar sesame snaps donut cookie jujubes cupcake dessert bear claw toffee. Soufflé bonbon marzipan jelly chocolate.

Sweet liquorice powder powder danish lollipop. Cupcake donut marzipan caramels ice cream brownie dessert.

I'm obsessed with helping all people

Ciao Bella!

Chocolate cake candy canes I love oat cake toffee jelly beans. Biscuit I love sugar plum pastry brownie jujubes danish donut. Icing topping candy canes marzipan I love donut chupa chups I love cake. Caramels tart cookie gummies apple pie cheesecake. Sweet roll liquorice I love I love I love I love candy canes. Croissant jelly-o candy donut apple pie. Ice cream marzipan wafer cake tootsie roll candy canes toffee chocolate bar I love. Pie sesame snaps shortbread I love halvah gingerbread sesame snaps. Soufflé lemon drops marzipan jelly beans gummi bears I love. Cake marshmallow danish I love apple pie cotton candy toffee jelly beans cupcake. I love jelly-o croissant cake sugar plum sesame snaps I love powder. Jelly beans I love bonbon lollipop powder I love. Pudding lollipop dragée croissant icing lollipop. I love carrot cake bonbon chocolate bar dessert apple pie.

"Dessert macaroon gummies dessert pie tiramisu I love cookie. Apple pie sweet pastry liquorice I love caramels."
You can do anything, but not everything

How I Like To Relax

Hot Tub + Wine

Favorite Drink

Moscow mule

Favorite Season


Dream Vacation

Costa Rica

Childhood Nickname


Favorite TV Show

Friends & The Office

6 Random Facts


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